Open Call

Image by Corina at Find here.

Image by Corina at Find it here.

This may be a bit unconventional, but as I wade back into blogging, I’m hoping to find something new. And I’m hoping that something comes from you.

I’d love for my readers and subscribers and Bloglovin’-ers (new and old) to share with me what inspires you. Art you’ve seen, books you’ve read, pottery you’ve purchased, installations you’ve created, galleries you’ve visited, designs you’ve dreamed of… this is an ongoing, open call. Email me your projects or your favorite things, your questions or your creations.

I’m looking for:

  • Writers who are beginning their own blogs, and would like a new reader or two… send me a link to your musings.
  • Readers who have fallen in love with a book so desperately, that they must help it live on in the mind of someone new… send me your recommendations.
  • Artists who are too timid to self-promote, but have created something that is a piece of their soulsend me your images.
  • Designers who are dizzy with excitement over a new project, and need to share it with the world… send me your sites.

I can’t guarantee that everything I receive can or will be shared– but maybe, through this act of sharing, we’ll discover something new that inspires us.

Please send suggestions to drunkliterature [at] gmail [dot] com.


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