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Just popping in to say “hi.” I am through with Week 1 of our vacation, embarking on Week 2 which I hope will wind along as slowly as possible.

So far, I’ve been able to complete two books: Great House (review to follow) and Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. I’ve now read all of Flynn’s books, and this one is by far the most disturbing. In fact, of all three, I feel pretty confident stating that Gone Girl was her most tame. Flynn has a dark, dark mind and it’s a wonderful thing to be trapped in for a while (but just for a while).  Sharp Objects follows Camille, a reporter, who returns to her hometown in Missouri to cover the gruesome murders of two pre-adolescent girls. Not exactly the sunshine-y book I was planning to read while basking in Florida sun, but definitely one I recommend.

Drunk Literature will be back after April 1st– no foolin’!


Open Call

Image by Corina at cocorrina.com. Find here.

Image by Corina at cocorrina.com. Find it here.

This may be a bit unconventional, but as I wade back into blogging, I’m hoping to find something new. And I’m hoping that something comes from you.

I’d love for my readers and subscribers and Bloglovin’-ers (new and old) to share with me what inspires you. Art you’ve seen, books you’ve read, pottery you’ve purchased, installations you’ve created, galleries you’ve visited, designs you’ve dreamed of… this is an ongoing, open call. Email me your projects or your favorite things, your questions or your creations.

I’m looking for:

  • Writers who are beginning their own blogs, and would like a new reader or two… send me a link to your musings.
  • Readers who have fallen in love with a book so desperately, that they must help it live on in the mind of someone new… send me your recommendations.
  • Artists who are too timid to self-promote, but have created something that is a piece of their soulsend me your images.
  • Designers who are dizzy with excitement over a new project, and need to share it with the world… send me your sites.

I can’t guarantee that everything I receive can or will be shared– but maybe, through this act of sharing, we’ll discover something new that inspires us.

Please send suggestions to drunkliterature [at] gmail [dot] com.

Back To Books

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books3I’m rediscovering my love of literature– and, therefore, writing. It’s time to go back to my roots, to wipe away the dust that has collected on this small partition of Internet space, to combine my many voices that have cascaded all over the web, and to focus on what I truly love: the written word. Back to Drunk Literature.


Life has taken a wild turn. It appears that all the amazing and good things I have been working so hard towards these last two years have decided, all at once, to come to fruition. My schedule just went from busy to desperately, end-to-end, train-car packed, and my to-do list is a solid 3 pages, front and back, 8pt. font. I am learning how to organize like the Type A Personality that I am NOT, just based on pure necessity.

This also means I will have very little time to read. Or blog. Or sleep, eat, go out, make friends, shop, play, see the world, return phone calls, start practicing yoga, attend wine tastings, cook real food, catch up on The United States of Tara, go back to the cheese shop I randomly stumbled upon, dance, or sleep. Wait, I think I already mentioned that last one.

It’s a little overwhelming, but the resume cred in unbelievable, and the experience is unimitatable. I’m being given leadership opportunities I didn’t really see coming.

I promise to try to keep in touch, and use this blog as a means of discussing what’s going on in my life and career. And hopefully talk about the random paragraph or two I’m able to read each week.

You see, the Communications/PR field is such a fascinating one, and it’s ever changing. Combine that with the sheer electricity of the Art World and you, my friends, have yourself a frenzy of creativity and innovation that is hard to control. I came out of college with an English Lit degree that I wasn’t really even sure what to do with. Surely no one was just going to pay me to read and write all day. But that’s exactly what I do. I thought PR was for the sorority girls with the big personalities and perfect teeth. I didn’t think an introvert like me– who does have her moments of extrovertedness, but would rather sit home alone most nights and hates talking on the phone– would ever like, not to mention do well, in a PR position. And there is such an opportunity for reinvention in this field, and for carving your own style. I can’t wait to see the result of all my efforts and what opportunities come next.

Thursday? It’s Already Thursday?!

This is really more for my benefit than yours. I’m being selfish, I’ll say it. The entire week has been a hectic one and I am just about ready to curl up in a ball and revert to saying “NO!” like a five-year-old every time someone requests something of me. (Sidenote: The most EPIC mollet- a mohawk/mullet- just walked by the gallery! I mean, this thing was glorious and shiny and all sorts of throwback-worthy splendor.)

Anyway, I’m reading The Room and while Jack’s voice kind of annoyed me at first (yeah, I’m definitely not ready for kids yet), I am slowly finding the novel to be completely haunting. Jack’s innocence partnered with the developing reality of the situation is poignant and breathtaking. Reading has been my only respite this week, save for the hour break I took this morning to finish Sloane Crosley’s “Up the Down Volcano” and enjoy a cappuccino at Le Pain Quotidien.

Hope you all are kickin’ @$$ and taking names, this week!!!