This Blog is MOVING!

Hi folks, fans,  loyal readers, random internet browsers… mom. A little note: update your bookmarks, as in several weeks the Drunk Literature blog will be no more. INSTEAD, I’ll be blogging at Girl With A Gallery. I’ll still talk books, a bit more about the art industry, and updates on life in general.

Why, you may ask? After 6 years, I’m just not feeling the “Drunk Literature” name anymore. Now edging into my thirties with a babe on my arm, the idea of getting rip-roaring plastered and critiquing literature just doesn’t do it for me. Nor does focusing on writers who battled their demons with a bottle. It’s just not my scene.

I have, however, begun the exhausting process of transferring over all of my DL archives to the new blog – so that’s at least something!

It’s been a fun run, but, like my overalls, The Healing Garden body spray, and neon high tops, I’ve outgrown this. Hopefully another recent grad will pick up the URL and make silliness of themselves in the name of literature.

Onwards and upwards!


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